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ToT on empowering women have been provided by German trainers in Baku

ToT on the topic of Empowering women and young girls conducted in Baku by German trainers in the framework of project “Promoting common values for the development of society” funded by Federal Foreign Office of German Republic for Development of cooperation with the civil society of the Eastern Partnership countries and implemented by Frauenhaus Bergstrasse e.V. a women’s shelter and counseling center together with the local partner Solidarity Among Women public union.

The specific objective of the project is to promote sustainable development and build a democratic society by promoting common values, understanding the importance of human rights, human freedoms, and mitigation of differences. It is envisaged to carry out exchange and cultural activities to achieve the goals and objectives of the project, increase knowledge and advocacy of civil society organizations, create non-violent, tolerant relationships within the family, community and society, enlighten and sensitize the new generation. The project will cover number of activities such as a) Documentary film screenings and public discussions in 4 regions b) Training of trainers on tolerant relationship within family in the context of gender equality c) Experience exchange of local CSO representatives in Germany d) and final conference for discussing equality matters in the context of society.

One of the activity directions of the project were organization of Training for Trainers in Baku with participation of local CSO members and media representatives. In line with this, 2 expert-trainers Christine Klein and Karina Gutges delivered 3 – day training sessions in Baku on the topic “Empowering women and girls”. Training was held in 29 -31 November 2018 at conference hall of Winter Park Hotel. About 29 CSO members and 14 media representatives participated in the training sessions. Training started with providing information on the history and current status of gender equality in Germany and discussions were revolved around equality in the context of cultural norms and negative stereotypes in Azerbaijan. The training created very good platform for exchanging ideas about sosial duties of women and men, constructed norms as well as mechanisms for overcoming negative impacts. Participants shared common view  that economical success of women will result in a loosening of the societal restrictions for women. Another positive side effect was that participants gained motivation to facilitate dialogue between young men and women and to serve as multipliers to train their peers.


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