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Rules of a proper healthy diet

Female health is a vital resource. If it isn’t there, then life loses its luster. Only a healthy woman is able to create around herself an environment of success, shine positive energy outward and attract love into her life.

What do we see in the modern world? According to statistics 65% of women ages 20 to 45 are suffering from “female” diseases. Everything starts in youth. The older a woman is the more susceptible she becomes to various dangerous ailments. As a result illness becomes inevitable. Why?

A woman’s organism is completely healthy and perfect from the very beginning. In order to return it to its original condition of inner harmony and health, it is important to follow some relatively simple recommendations.

To get rid of PMS and to improve the body’s general wellbeing, it is recommended to follow a high-starch diet (whole grains, bread made from sprouted grain, rice, potatoes, seasonal fruit and vegetables).

Simultaneously, it is recommended to decrease the amount of meat, processed meat, eggs, sweets and sweet drinks, as well as fried and fatty foods. Coffee, alcohol and chocolate should be totally eliminated. You should start this diet 3-5 days before your menstruation and continue throughout the duration of it.

 At the start of the meal, it is recommended to drink something (preferably fresh squeezed apple or beet juice). Seasonal fruits or salad should be included in the meal (vegetables should be served either fresh or sautéed in a small amount of oil). It is advisable to eat any cooked grains or porridge with a minimal amount of butter (without salt or sugar added either).

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