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Eight Essential Marketing Tactics for Your Small Business

As a small business, marketing is essential. It’s about positioning your brand to be a leader, increasing recognition, driving traffic and making conversions. However, it can also be a confusing maze that leads in multiple directions. To simplify the process, check out these eight essential marketing tactics for your small business and start incorporating them into your strategy today.
1.    Start a Blog
Blogging provides companies with a way of sharing informationwith potential clients that sets them up as a resource. Blogs build credibility and provide a location for driving traffic. Blog links can be shared across multiple social media channels, increasing visibility. Furthermore, sites that are regularly updated – in the way that blogging makes possible – tend to be rewarded in search-engine rankings. Try to blog weekly for best results.
Sweetgreen is a company doing it right. A restaurant that focuses on green foods and frozen yogurts, its blog provides recipes and helpful tutorials on a regular basis.
2.    Use Social Media Effectively
In case you missed it, the world has gone social. If you have yet to build a social media presence, the time to start is immediately. Find out where your customers and target clients spend their time and create an account. Start posting information that’s relevant and helpful that links back to your site or blog. Take the time to engage your community, to reach out to new followers and to prioritize social marketing activities.
Small business Jamaicans Music grew its social media following by 1.5 million in four months through targeted activities on social networks.
3.    Use Facebook and Consider Advertising
Regardless of what social networks interest you and what up-and-coming networks could be of interest to your followers, Facebook still reigns supreme. As the largest social network with more than 1 billion users, it attracts everyone. Having an active presence along with utilizing the pay-per-impression advertising methods it supports can take your marketing activities to the next level.
Check out brands like Nike, which has amassed large followings – 18 million and counting – for ideas on how to maximize your reach.
4.    Don’t Forget About Pinterest
With more than 70 million users, Pinterest is growing quickly. The network – which allows for the posting of picture-based links – is easy to use, simple to navigate and popular for mobile users. Consider your strategy and what you could post that would be helpful for your customers – quick tutorials, DIY projects, helpful tips and more – and get started right away. There’s no way to go wrong on this one.
One small business doing Pinterest right is Havahart, a humane animal trap manufacturer which uses a Pinterest page to share cute images, spring crafts, garden tips and décor ideas.
5.    Email Marketing Still Counts
One of the best ways to reach your existing customers is through a targeted email marketing campaign. By taking the time to send holiday messages, sale announcements, promo codes and other helpful pieces of information, you’re reminding customers that you’re still around. This goes a long way toward sparking new interest and generating attention.
There are too many examples of solid email marketing to highlight just one. Check out a few of the more memorable campaignsand find a way to incorporate email into your scheme.
6.    Make an Investment
So far, all of the tactics have been relatively inexpensive or free. However, sometimes more of an investment is required for taking a marketing campaign to the next level. Pay-per-click advertising campaigns allow for strict spending limits, creative exposure selections and targeted marketing that can’t be found elsewhere. As such, they should receive consideration.
When considering where to start, check out Google Adwords and look at ways to grow from there.
7.    Host a Webinar
Why not maximize online potential while eliminating obstacles to in-person events by hosting a webinar? Consider questions you’re frequently asked or tips that you regularly provide and look into setting up a training session that’s free for anyone interested. This increases reach while decreasing barriers.
8.    Stick with Proven Methods
Press releases still matter for business marketing. Press releases allow brands to increase visibility across large channels, setting them up as competitors to larger companies in wider markets. When distributed online through release services like PR Web, press releases can reach a large audience at a relatively low cost.
Try incorporating multiple marketing methods into your strategy and measure what works. What works for one company may not work for another. Start thinking creatively and get started today.


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