Sometimes an equal exchange is simply the thanks

The road to Squarespace. I had my own web design firm in the Seattle area that I started with Tyler Thompson, the former Creative Director of Squarespace. We had worked on Squarespace sites before, and had also done some contract work with Squarespace, so I was pretty familiar with the product.

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Goyard Replica Bags Bring back workers’ Christmas pay, ‘Grinch’ council told staff have been told they must take three days’ unpaid leaveThere are calls to reverse moves to impose three days’ mandatory leave on council workers this Christmas after the county council was branded a “Grinch”.In October, was labelled a “Grinch” when it was announced it was imposing three days of unpaid time off on council workers over the Christmas period.Staff will have to take three days off without pay between Christmas and New Year, losing the equivalent of 1.2 per cent of their annual pay. The move, the council replica goyard iphone case hopes, will help it plug a hole in its budget.In a letter to party leaders, Gillian Beasley, chief executive of, said: “After many years of diminishing government grant and rising demand for our services, we are facing the most challenging times ever.”But now there are calls for the move to be reversed, with councillors urging the council to recognise the hard work being put in by “loyal” and “dutiful” staff, some of whom have been feeling the pinch since 2010.’Reinstate goyard scarf replica three days’ pay’ In a motion set to go to ‘s full council meeting on December 11, Cllr Sandra Crawford says: “Loyal hardworking employees of the council, who provide excellent support and dutiful service, will be deprived of three days’ pay over the Christmas period due to the financial crisis engulfing the Council.”Cllr Crawford said the same staff “have already endured a real terms pay cut of 18 per cent since the start of austerity in 2010”.Read MoreIn her motion, Cllr Crawford calls on the council to “reinstate three days’ pay to those employees currently under notice of its withdrawal.”As well as this, she calls on them to “write to all employees before Christmas and express appreciation for their contribution and hard work throughout the year.”Measures are ‘fair’, says leader Council leader Steve Count, however, insisted the measures are “fair” and had been supported by councillors. Cllr Count said that councillors themselves should also have a 1.2 per cent reduction in their allowances (equivalent to having to take three days unpaid leave).In another motion to the council, Cllr Count says: “Across the country, many councils are facing a difficult financial situation and goyard belvedere replica the county council is no different. Goyard Replica Bags

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